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Here is a full review by Don White, a retired physicist, who is starting an iPermie study group in the Capitol Region of New York.  http://oeic.us/articles/reviews/ipermie_an_e_book_by_bob_waldrop

Hannah Harder reviews iPermie in her Cheaper Nuggets blog.  http://www.cheapernuggets.com/2013/02/the-book-of-bob.html

Just bought Bob Waldrop's new book on urban permaculture. Very affordable ($1.99) and, as always, a harmonious blend of practical commonsense and creative ingenuity. Well played Bob!

Thank you for this great work, and for your VAST effort to produce it, Bob :-), and for making it the best value I have seen in a long, long time.  I hope it starts a whole Permaculture Urban Transition, and I personally think this is now likely to happen, in significnt part due to the heavy expenditure in energy of good folks like yourself and Larry London :-). I pray for all our sakes that it will. Namaste, LR, San Francisco

Dang, I was scanning through the pdf--it's a tome!-and got sucked into the WTSHTF scenario and how the people in KC survived.  Stayed up past my bedtime, reading.  I did not realize there would be the bonus prepper info in the book.  Well worth the $1.99 paid
GF, Oklahoma City

To all Capital District Transitioners. . . The owner of the Running On Empty e-letter has just come out with a great big e-book on why and how to apply Permaculture Design principles to every aspect of our lives as we start the transition into a new kind of lifestyle. You can read about the book and selections from the book on the site www.ipermie.net, and it's downloadable for $1.99.

Robert Waldrop of Oklahoma City describes the Four Horsemen we're all facing, -  Peak oil, Climate instability, Political criminality and Economic irrationality. - and how they're threatening us and our future and our planet and its future.  Then he goes on to show how Permaculture Design principles can be applied not just to plants but to all aspects of our culture and environment. The detail he goes into may be implied from the length of this book, 399,000 words, but it's an excellent read anyway.

In his selection of problems that are to be faced and solutions to be sought in the course of this transition, he does give preference to those associated with city living, so don't be misled into thinking this is a book about urban gardening. Go to the above site and scan the table of contents and read further information about the book. And with about 5 minutes and $1.99, it's in your download folder
DW, Rexford, posted in the Capital District Transition Network email discussion


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